Nowata is a provider of metallurgical solutions, not merely a supplier of reagents. We look to work with customers in the application of our chemicals. This includes investing in product application equipment, and technology as a way we exhibit customer focus and supplier loyalty. Inherent in our supply philosophy is we pay close attention to the practical aspects of the extractive metallurgy of minerals, essentially, we focus on the application of all our reagents within the unique context of the client’s ore. Our Chemical and Metallurgical experience in this practical aspect of performance metallurgy can often have a profound effect on total supply cost, a tangible benefit which not all other suppliers can match.

From inception Nowata’s core business has been to provide chemical solutions to the African Mining Industry, its activities have recently expanded to include water treatment and a broader activity in the industrial chemical market.

After more than three decades serving the Mining Industry in Africa via its distribution networks, the European Spring of 2020 was the beginning of a global shipping crisis which has wreaked havoc in supply chains across the world.  With this new reality Nowata reviewed its business strategy and has now entered into a partnership with CARMEUSE, a company which has significant experience in global procurement, bulk commodity shipping expertise, as well as its own local distribution network, which complemented those of Nowata’s.

CARMEUSE is a network organisation that manages every aspect of the Bulk Lime business, from trading to distribution and production. Headquartered in Belgium, CARMEUSE operates five “state of the art” lime plants in Africa (Ghana, Zambia, Senegal, Mauritania, and Tunisia) as well as several strategically located storage and distribution centres. Additionally, they have local offices in West and Southern Africa and Southeast Asia and the broader Pacific region. Together the partners will work to enhance their mutual offerings of services and solutions to the African mining industry.