Product Name / Description Specification Packaging
Lead Nitrate Free Flowing & Uniform White Crystal, 99% Pb (NO3)2 25kg bags
1,200kg bags
Intensive cyanidation additives Technical grade catalyst's, formulated for intensive cyanidation of gold concentrates TBC on request
Viscosity Modifiers Used to increase the flow raters TBC on request
Hydrogen Peroxide 50% H2O2 35kg drums
70kg drums
1,200kg IBC
Hydrogen Peroxide 60% H2O2 70kg drums
1,200kg IBC
Hydrogen Peroxide 70% H2O2 Bulk ISOTAINER
Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate Soluble Copper Catalyst - Crystalline Form - 98% ± 1% - Cu SO4 5H2O 25kg bags
1,000kg bags
1,200kg bags